Hiring a web design company


Hiring a web design company? Here are the top eight things you must be aware of!

Undoubtedly having a website represent your business in the digital world is a great tool to have for any business, however achieving the right results that reflect your goals and expectations can be expensive and sometimes even time-consuming when a project isn’t executed in the right manner. There are many different ways a website can be developed and therefore before you make the right choice on hiring a web design company that is based in Goa to avoid hindrances and designing the end product. We have put together an awesome guide to help you make the right decision.

Choosing a company that is well established and well experienced:

This is one of the most important aspects in hiring a website developer to build a website. The experience of website designer can be gauged by taking a look at the number of aspects such as  their web design portfolio and their number of years in the business. A longer number of years would better describe the experience of the company and also its ability to work with your business in the long term. The number of clients that the company has worked with in the past will give you a familiarity on the spectrum of website projects that the company has experience with.

Many times it is a temptation to save little money and try to get your website designed and developed by a smaller and inexperienced business or even a freelancer. Often these avenues result in complications in design and development leading to majority of these projects remaining unfinished. Therefore being associated with an experienced and established company that is well equipped to offer you ongoing support, advice and be with you for the long term is preferred.

The cost of the project?

A common question asked is how much should it cost?

The answer to this question isn’t simple as websites differ in terms of functionality, design and the end-goals of the project. You will notice that the web design industry to charge different amounts for a similar job varying from company to company. This is mainly due to varying approaches to designing a website; some may prefer to hand the entire project others build over an existing CMS such as Wordpress and also many would use a combination of both.It is always a temptation to go for the cheapest option however you must be aware of the limitations and be able to manage your expectations in terms of the end result.

Can the content of the website we updated without any assistance?

At 3 head design we specialise in designing websites that are powered by WordPress one of the most powerful platforms for website development. Ensuring that you can independently update your website is important factor before commencing a project. Having an independent CMS designed on your behalf would require no technical expertise in updating and overall management and hence an established company should be referred to provide you with a CMS for this purpose.

What kind of support would be provided?

You must be aware of the after support the web design company is willing to offer once the project completed and deployed. Having reliable support available at a cost effective price-point and on an ongoing basis is essential for a website’s sucess as there are a lot of different functions that constantly need to be updated and also monitored. The website development company of choice must be able to provide professional assistance whenever you need it for aspects such as emails, domain name and hosting, the use of the content management system, e-commerce set-ups, security etc

Having everything in one place

There are many aspects directly associated with website development and also many that run parallel to it. These mainly include secondary services that are essential in supporting the presence of your business online. Website’s constantly requires graphic design services, fresh content, search engine marketing services, hosting support and regular online marketing. Therefore, an accomplished company would be the position to provide you an array of these services in addition to developing your website.

Additional cost or hidden charges

Before hiring a web designer is also important to be aware of any ongoing charges and other costs that may be related to the website one instance of this could be a domain name and hosting. Also be aware of the ongoing cost of secondary services that you are looking to engage in as well. Ideally the website design company should put its terms and conditions and writing shared with you before the commencement of the project.

Referencing their past work

To get an idea of the end result of your project take a look at some of the work carried out by the website design company in the past. This will give you a good indication on what the company has worked with and will indicate their levels of service and quality.

Keeping in Goan

Hiring a local website design company that is based out of Goa would mean that you would be dealing with a local which makes a huge difference in comparison with a website developer located in some other part of the country or the world. A personal interaction with the design and development team will make it a lot more comfortable for you to evaluate the skills and work of the team.