Building your website

Building your website in the most optimal manner for coders and non-coders alike

Whether you are a coder or not building a website does take plenty of time and efforts. However, there are plenty of tools available on various platforms that caters to a variety of usages designed to fit everyone's needs. Here are some of the most popular approaches available if you are considering designing a website. Coming from a background of designing several websites for clients based in Goa and abroad I found that different approaches must be taken according to the requirements and goals of the project. Many projects made sense when code was written from scratch and at times a content management system such as WordPress would also significantly benefit the end-user. As the end goal varies from site to site a one track approach isn’t always the only way to go there for it is important to be aware of the many powerful tools available for the job. Some of the most popular options are discussed in this post weighing their pros and cons and also highlighting reasons why you should pick them to design and build your website.
Square space is a rock solid web design platform that is dynamic and powerful suitable for both coders as well as non-coders. In comparison to other platforms SquareSpace ranks up there in terms of ease of use. There are a wide variety of nice templates easily available and are ready to get you started and build. Square Space offers plenty of customisation that can be carried out on its templates, making it easy for even those who have no technical experience in designing a website before. With a few minor tweaks templates can be made to look unique and ready to be deployed. The platform also offers a larger degree of stability for seasoned coders. Either way building sites on top of the Square space interface is quick and easy without large efforts. Unlike in the past Square space has overcome its limitations when it had just started out, now significantly growing its service offerings to an ideal tool for creating blogs and websites. The biggest advantage of this platform is that practically anyone can use it and it promptly teaches users how to work with as soon as you sign up. Square Space has numerous templates and you will be spoilt for choice on the many options that you can pick from. On choosing a basic design template Square Space has a built-in visual editor that enables customisation to your liking. Experienced users can also implement their own code by making edits to the existing CSS as well. In addition to being a top notch interface for creating great design and easy editing of features the Square Space platform makes it simple to add media elements and make static pages with very little effort delivering excellent results. Managing the entire website is also made efficient by this platform; for example comments on blogs can be switched on and off in an instant, Facebook commenting system can be instantly integrated, additionally Disqus can also be added and much more. In addition to this the site can also be managed via a mobile app which is extremely convenient for bloggers on the go. In terms of limitations Square space does come at a cost which may not be viable in case you are building a small website. Square space will bill you for eight dollars a month for an annual prepayment.
Over the years WordPress has been emerged as a dominant Content Management System of choice for numerous professional as well as amateur bloggers. This Content Management Interface is over a decade old now and is well-known for its versatility and for being incredibly powerful. The possibilities are enormous and the CMS is highly intuitive if even if you don’t know how to code making it easy to set up websites and blogs alike on the go. One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that it is an open source project which has millions of users along with a developer community that exceeds other interfaces. WordPress is filled with a massive selection of site templates and plug-ins that efficiently allow you to create dynamic websites or solve development problems in just a few clicks. Although some of the templates are available at a price there are a ton that are free and are available in numerous options. Advance coders can also create their own custom plug-ins and themes and integrate it along with the WordPress CMS. WordPress also enables users to start a free blog without any hosting and domain expenses to get started. Although WordPress does not require prior coding experience an user does need to be aware of how the system works to get the maximum out of it. You may experience a few hurdles in the beginning but once you find your way around the CMS you will find that it is a lot more easier than some of the other platforms in the space. At 3headdesign we build customised websites using this CMS for our clients in Goa and abroad. Along with building customized plug-ins we also write code for themes as well. The entire objective is to give the user complete control and independence of their websites which is entirely possible with WordPress.

Tumblr’s interface had been initially created as just being a microblogging platform however this interface can now be used to create websites as well. Without the necessity of knowing how to code tumbler offers the means to quickly and effortlessly set up a blogging platform. The community is growing massively mainly because the CMS allows you to create webpages with ease. In addition to being a microblogging platform Tumblr also has a thriving social community where users can interact, share and communicate content with each other in the interface. Tumblr also has a variety of themes and for experienced users it also has an interface that can be used to enter custom code using CSS and HTML. If you are looking to set up a simple blog or a blog oriented site without the initial setup cost Tumblr is definitely a platform you should consider.

Coding from Scratch

Coding from scratch is for code lovers to develop a website from scratch. Obviously this would require users to have programming knowledge and some amount of experience in building a website. Coding from scratch is highly powerful as with customisation users can build a website that matches their exact standards and functionality. It also promotes the ability to test your coding skills and offers plenty of control like no other CMS. Apart from choosing a web host the interface does not have additional costs to set up.